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“Roger, your music was beyond incredible last night. I'm buying it on line. The Indian number really got me!! Your music would be so transcending live for journey dancing. You are incredibly talented and i was transported deep into my own soul.

Thank you!”  -  Lisah Plumley-Zimpfer 


“Your music is incredible... I hope you would like to play again at the gallery. Maybe in early September?”  - Asia Scudder


“Roger! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy playing your music...don't listen to anything else since I downloaded your CD... you are GREAT!” - Edith Heyck



Reviews of Blueish Grey


Thoughtful, almost etherial, and hard to believe this is all done by just one guy. "Winter's Whisper" has found a home in my "Christmas-Winter Solstice" mix. Nice syncopated keyboard work on "Adrift". Roger showcases his melody flute on "Prolonged Affair", and again on "Sherry" which adds a kalimba (thumb piano) to sound almost Eastern (Japanese?). Pure instrumental jazz in the style of northern Europe, evoking the darkness of winter but also the shifting patterns of the Northern Lights. Overall, evokes musicians such as George Winston, Pat Metheny (the "One Quiet Night" album), and the Sinikka Langeland Ensemble. Nice!    -  Linda Fuhrman


The production is beautifully done, very crisp, and well balanced.  The melodies are crystal clear and I like the variety of interesting sounds that all seem to work together nicely. This is the kind of album you might like to enjoy outside maybe on a hike or meditating in the woods surrounded by nature. Great job!  - Tori Dawson


I love the rhythm on Black Hole Ballet. Falls Call is so hauntingly beautiful reminds me of some of Loreena McKennitt instrumentals. Forgotten Music Box sounds like it belongs in a movie soundtrack. Sherry has a beautiful haunting primitive sound. Ether Dance makes me feel relaxed like I'm floating in heaven. Winters Whisper sounds like frozen ice crystals! These are the ones that stood out to me! Everything on the album sounds fantastic!  - Trish DeCaprio


So I have been listening to your CD for some time. I think I have determined that my favorite is the seventh track. I'm not sure what it is about it that I like so much. It seems to have some kind of maybe almost Latin feel. But the flute and motion within it is just beautiful. (I hope that is flute I hear and that I am accurate. ) I think this is my favorite of the CDs you have done in some time. I like every single cut. And I can listen to it forever...I take something different away from it each time I listen. -  Jill Rush


I enjoyed this album thoroughly and the ethereal qualities of the arrangements. Really like his keyboard work and the haunting tones of Winter's Whisper, Forgotten Musicbox and the title track. The songs convey feelings that are both nostalgic and bittersweet at times- like the solitude of a harsh New England winter. -  Steve


This is an extremely enjoyable release from Roger. It's ethereal qualities mixed with jazz undercurrents bring to mind some of Brian Eno's mid- period works but with more of a world music feel. Really enjoyed it.  -  J. Smith


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